Patches of marijuana for pain

There are so many different ways to use the medicinal properties of cannabis Mary`s Medicinals the company recently introduced a new method, with transdermal patches THC.

Patches easily adhere to the skin, are quite flexible and come in packs of 3 units with the following varieties:

THCA, THC Indica, Sativa THC, hybrid THC, CBD and CBN. They are excellent for pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, nausea, insomnia and loss of appetite.

According to the testimony of a patient who decided to test patches THC Indica, one on each wrist (to counter the size and tolerance of the user in question) the first 30 minutes which the company takes to be noticed the effect almost did not notice anything and it was about an hour and a half in his mind when he felt a warmth and a tingling sensation through his arms and chest. It took 2 hours to realize that he felt no pain in his legs and feet. He felt “high” hurt his right knee earlier in the day but after the patch and did not feel it anymore. At two and a half of use, and hours he realized that his back did not hurt at all, although usually had a dull pain in the back every time sitting at the computer for long.

About 3 hours later, he began to yawn without reason, and then half an hour later noticed the pain in his back. So, even though the patches seem to have begun to lose their effectiveness over three hours after application, was still calm, happy, and without feeling any pain in your body, about 4 hours later put the first one in the wrists, it was then, when he realized that the patches were still doing their job, just 4 hours to put on.

After about 5 hours in his opinion, he realized that the patches were not helping much pain in the legs or his back.

These patches would be interesting for someone who is looking for pain relief, anxiety, muscle spasms, nausea, insomnia or loss of appetite, but whoever placed. Help with pain most of the day, and each patch only costs about $ 8 a piece, thanks to the fact that they come in packs of 3. But the reason I did not give the consumer to these patches of THC one highest rating is because there is room for improvement with this product.

If patches as these are used to relieve pain in the joints, it would be good if the patches were produced at doses higher than 10 mg per patch, so you do not have to use more than one at a time. Even more interesting would be if they were in a different way, with some sort of design printed on the back, so you do not have to walk with giant rectangles, peach close to the body every day. And finally, it is good to include an alcohol swab to clean the skin before applying the patch, or a cleaning pad that also would be useful to help with cleaning the sticky residue left on the skin without causing addition the mild irritation so difficult to remove after removing the patches. In addition, you are red marks on the wrists for a long time because patches can stick fast to the skin.

Products like these really show the medicinal properties of cannabis that make you be free of pain, if you want to test yourself, check out this handy guide to help decide which patches would be the best for everyone