Some pet supply stores in the united states sell items containing animal use cannabis

Sick pets also benefit from the qualities of medical marijuana.

This trend has led to an industry dedicated to developing cannabis-based products for pets, ranging from groceries to shampoo.

One of those companies is Treatibles that produces biscuits for dogs and cats containing cannabidiol, a compound in marijuana that help calm pets.

Canna Canna-Pet Companion and also manufacture pet supplements, including a shampoo which they say is good for older dogs because it helps with muscle aches.

According to some animal owners cited by The Guardian, the products have positive results, as explained Anthony Georgiadis owner Bernie, a dog suffering from seizures and that the drug not only did not help, but even damaged his liver.

Since Bernie started using products containing cannabis you are much better as its owner.

They are legal these products?

In the case of consumption for humans, marijuana or cannabis products containing face restrictions in most of the territory of the United States.

If the user lives in a state where cannabis is not legal, pet products can be ordered online, provided they do not contain THC, a psychotropic ingredient in marijuana.

But according to The Guardian, some of these products contain this ingredient, so the best thing would acquire only in those states where consumption is legal for humans.