Medicinal cannabis ways to use marijuana without smoking – Part 4

Lubricating gel

The undoubted benefits of marijuana for the senses have also led to the advent of products to enhance or improve the sex lives of users. However, for now only women can benefit from first sexual lubricant on the market, which promises the incredible figure of “orgasms 15 minutes.” Although those who have tried enough doubt the veracity of this statement.

This lubricant gel is applied directly to the private parts and oil containing medicinal cannabis (THC and cannabinoids) from marijuana grown in California. According to its creators, it is 100% natural, edible and vegan; and its pH is low to promote skin care.

The result? A viscous, soft and slippery substance in which cannabinoids cause the muscles of the vagina to relax and tissues become much more sensitive, “allowing users to enjoy continuous orgasms.” Although it is designed for women, there have been many men who have also tried, for obvious reasons. And they say really warming is experienced with some tingling where it is most needed.

By transdermal patches

Also it is investigating the application of cannabis with THC transdermal patches that easily adhere to the skin and are used to relieve pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, nausea, insomnia or loss of appetite. This patches gradually release a relatively high dose of the cannabinoid and are applied in areas they confluence many veins.

According to the testimonies of those who have begun to try, the effects are drastically different from other forms of cannabis. And it is that when smoked, cannabis reveals its effects in a few minutes, while many hours with these patches are necessary because the effects are longer lasting, besides not being hallucinogens.

For example, in clinical trials for a transdermal therapeutic patch delta-8-THC in permeability studies in human skin for a stable medium level THC past 1.4 hours it is achieved and maintained at least until 48 hours.

However, cannabinoids are very large molecules to easily pass through the skin, so scientists are trying to get the modification of the molecule cannabinoid so you can do it faster. Also under consideration it is a transdermal delivery system for cannabidiol (CBD) using a etosomal vehicle. The soft twosomes vesicles are able to encapsulate and penetrate the skin to make very large soluble molecules such as cannabinoids.

After 72 hours of transdermal administration on the shaved abdomen of mice with said etosomal system, stable concentration levels are reached in the blood of CBD to 24 hours. The amount of CBD is achieved that penetrate the skin, at 12 and 73 hours after application of the patch, is respectively 23% and 43% of the initial dose.