Medicinal cannabis ways to use marijuana without smoking – Part 1

Marijuana has become a plant that is entering with force kits, especially in those who suffer from a chronic illness. Their forms of consumption and application are numerous, varied and go far beyond the typical combustion at high temperatures: from rectal and vaginal suppositories tinctures, salves, oils and all kinds of drugs. Notes if you want to get the most out of a plant that never fails to impress in its various forms.

Any regular user knows that smoking cannabis is one of the greatest worldly pleasures. However, this plant can be eaten in many different ways and serve as a benefit, too, who prefer other ways away from the usual to take advantage of their properties for medicinal reasons.


Even regular smokers recognize that anyone should use a vaporizer occasionally, because they are full of advantages. It is true that pose a great investment, but also a good buy if those who use them are delicate health. Its benefits for the body are important, since they do not need to burn grass for your enjoyment.

In a vaporizer, marijuana is heated to a lower than combustion to produce a vapor that is inhaled and containing intact active components of marijuana temperature. They are also adjustable in its working range: the temperature at which the various cannabinoids present in the plant vaporize is between 157 ° to 220 ° Celsius and can be played between them. Low temperatures provide a soothing effect and those found at the top of the scale and tonic produce a physical effect.

Other than that, are discrete instruments, which can be used almost anywhere without another person intuit what is being consumed, through a simple electronic cigarette. In addition, they make the smell of marijuana do not go outside and yet, a fresh taste and effect are preserved. They also protect the lungs from irritation and fight at the same time.

The smoke flavor is essentially carbon monoxide, so the users with vaporization discover the true, authentic and unique aroma content in plants terpenes. Of course, we can enjoy the taste of smoke, very different from one variety to another, but burning strongly alter the aroma, while vaporizing transports senses intact to the consumer.