Marijuana, the perfect partner to enhance your yoga session – Part 2

Back to today, the most common is that yoga practitioners are those who decide to enter the cannabis world. They check how many fans sometimes are too restless to do and enjoy the exercises proposed. His muscles tense and find it impossible to relax in the positions they do.

Thus, cannabis becomes a good ally to relax the body and allow them to enjoy a more pleasant session. As we know, studies and experiences have shown that the plant has medicinal properties the most diverse, and among them is precisely its ability to relieve muscle pain.

Marijuana use has also become popular among practitioners of this discipline, who come to her to reduce her anxiety. Yoga is often recommended for these cases, which also happens to cannabis, whose soothing properties also greatly reduce stress and nervousness.

This is confirmed by yogis who have already tried in the flesh the benefits of the plant. They say it is ideal for all practitioners who are ‘divorced’ from your body. Apparently, it helps them to learn to breathe and open doors that would not open any other way.

And not only the students say: most professionals also recognize the potential benefits of marijuana to practice yoga. These include its consumption can help remove inhibitions, to explore the mind and improve the relationship with our body.

Such is the passion that lifts this unique symbiosis that several yoga schools already offer classes designed especially for people who use marijuana before enrolling. They are especially popular in the United States, which are called ‘Ganja Yoga’. The positions practiced in them are designed for people to complete them without much problem, and to take full advantage of the benefits of the two elements involved.

Obviously, and as with any other excess, smoking too much grass can end up hindering the practice of yoga. In a class, it is essential to be focused and follow the instructions of our teacher. If we had run the risk of not enjoy the experience to the fullest. It is, therefore, to find balance and finding the right dose strain and so we can combine both passions without any of them harmed by the other.

Those most reticent shown indicate that yoga is effective alone, and they were right. But why settle for an effective experience?

If we decide to check the result for ourselves, there are a couple of tips on choosing the strain. Varieties are generally related to reducing anxiety, so become a good choice to start. In addition, opt for strains high in CBD will make our mind calm, and what better than a clear head to enter the world of meditation and yoga.

The more we open our minds, the more we realize that marijuana has much to offer with a simple stone. Gradually the stigmas that have accompanied their consumption over the past decades’ fade. They were medical properties that step and now the good team that makes certain practices was opened first. In yoga you have already realized the advantages that can provide the plant.