Marijuana, the perfect partner to enhance your yoga session – Part 1

To enjoy a moment of relaxation, the paths are different. Go out for a nice walk, put some good music or enjoy a tasty meal. We can also choose to meditate and practice yoga, disciplines that add more and more followers.

Its benefits are strikingly familiar to us: clear the mind, body relaxation, and connection with nature … You probably already have guessed, is quite similar to what you get when we consume marijuana. There are few who have already tried what happens when these two passions intertwine.

No doubt, we congratulations and therefore that marijuana gets its way slowly to all kinds of environments. In the world of yoga, as elsewhere, there are those who continue to show somewhat skeptical and reluctant to acceptance, but also many yogis (name given to people who practice the discipline) receive with open arms.

It occupies combination of intense discussions between the two communities. There is a basic agreement that yoga should serve to find freedom from suffering through the unification of body, mind and spirit. Of course, the means by which point we find this practice varies in practice. While some say that the development of concentration can be impaired by cannabis, there is also who says the opposite and says that marijuana can further explore our body and with less mental and physical barriers.

Despite this disagreement, it seems undeniable that yoga and marijuana have the potential to become teammates; they share a lot of benefits. To realize this need only look at our own history. Yoga is an ancient discipline from India based on the development of spiritual awareness, synonymous connection and oneness with nature. Cannabis, meanwhile, is a plant that many civilizations have used in rituals and ceremonies precisely the same purpose.