How to avoid a bad trip Cannabis

Given the variety of factors that can influence when living a bad trip, there is little to do to prevent them. However, there is a little recipe that would minimize the chances of checking how this experience.

Everything happens for trying to control the environment the most. Thus, being in a familiar, quiet and surrounded by people confidence that they will not burden you in any case, it is difficult to place the situation gets out of control and that any possible negative experience is only short-term effect. In addition, both enjoy good physical and mental health may be key to avoid yellow, as dizziness or pale skin have much to do with the blood pressure of each.

If our body still responds on occasion with one of those psychedelics to marijuana crisis, there are ways to control the bad trip to avoid greater evils. Both you and those around you can follow a series of recommendations that minimize symptoms.

First of all, the most important thing is to avoid panicking when they reach the first signs that something is wrong. Trying to stay calm is key. Popular culture, accompanied by the personal opinions of users in various internet forums, cause there are a host of assumptions advice ranging from the consumption of sugary products such as Coca-Cola to the use of medications such as aspirin, which allegedly counteract the signs of ‘bad trip’.

However, simply try to be relaxed: breathe easy inhaling air through the mouth and exhaling slowly relax each and every one of our muscles and wait for the bad trip pass and the effects diminish. These should be the main objectives. It can also act as we face a brownout and rarely done in when it comes yellow: raise your legs up. The “sugar crash theory” to explain the causes of a bad trip have buried their real causes and corresponding proceed to attenuate.

To achieve this, nothing better to do, at first, that peace reigns around us. No music or television to make something clear mind. In this way, it will be easier to focus on relaxing your body. Once achieved, we can put music to calm us more or we are familiar, or even a movie that we like.

In addition, we recommend changing environment: if we are in a place inside, go outside helps, and vice versa. It is also useful anything that distracts us from our thoughts at that time. Make it a stretch? Can taking some green tea to relax? Ahead. Maybe a juice? Fantastic, hydration is important to consider minimizing the effect factor. All this, considering that the best you can do is try to chat with who accompany us to take the reins of the conversation and put some serenity at the time.