How long the drug can stay in the body?

Between 15 days and one month it can last for several days urine and blood.

Influences several factors when providing concrete data, how can it be the type of drug, the amount consumed or metabolism of each person. The truth is that the so – called # drug soft (alcohol and cannabis) can last longer in the body (blood urine or hair) than other hard drugs much more harmful to the body as heroin or methamphetamine.


It will depend on our liver when processing it faster or slower. When there are between 2 and 4 grams of alcohol per liter of blood one falls into coma. Alcohol usually lasts between 10 and 12 hours and up to 90 days blood in her hair.


One of the most consumed drugs in our country and in the rest of the world. The THC can remain longer than 10 days in blood, seven days in urine and 90 in her hair.


The second most consumed drug after cannabis. This stimulant lasts about three or four days in urine, between one and two blood and around 90 days in the hair.


Known among young people as MDMA, this produces synthetic drug similar to cocaine effects, since it is also an increasingly common stimulant drug. You can stay three or four days in the urine, one or two blood and 90 in her hair.


One of the hallucinogenic substances par excellence, but is not particularly addictive. The hallucinogenic effects can last up to 13 hours. In this case, lingers in urine between one and three days, between two and three hours and hair three days.


Another synthetic drug that must be careful because significantly increase our heart rate and our blood pressure. At first it was used for medical purposes, but soon sold illegally. Two or three days in the urine, 12 hours and 90 days in her hair.


Similar to amphetamine, but these effects are greater than those of amphetamine, and therefore brain damage are also higher. For this drug, the average time spent in the urine is three to six days, between one day and a day and a half in three months blood and hair.


It is a drug that is also used in medicine to relax patients. The greatest danger is hosting its high addiction. The urine is approximately two to four days, blood one or two days and the hair 90.


Opiate very own traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Its analgesic effects are quite strong, which is why it is only used with people hospitalized with severe pain. To remove the body morphine, they are required three days in the case of urine, six or eight hours in the blood and 90 in hair.