Canadian Kush, the seed that helps depression, insomnia and pain

Today I want to leave this review seed “Canadian Kusk” bank Medical Seeds, a seed bank dedicated to the production of seeds for therapeutic purposes, rich in THC and CBD with effects that may be beneficial in the therapeutic field.

The Canadian Kush born from the crossing of a Purple Kush from California, with a Special K Canada.

This is a particularly versatile genetics, providing excellent performance both indoors and outdoors.

It also offers ideal results in spaces with limited height because it does not usually grow much. Its leaves are short and wide. a typical Indica trait, and usually buy dark green hues, can show purple hues at the end of flowering. In addition to producing very high performance, Canadian Kush form a dense, compact and snowy by resin buds.

The aroma reminds plant pine and earthy flavor, with hints of grape, it is unmistakable. Organic cultivation is recommended to maximize aroma and flavor.

This Kush with Canadian denomination has a high level of THC and provides a euphoric start. However, the feeling immediately becomes a rather narcosis, causing a medicinal effect can alleviate problems depression, insomnia and pain.