Marijuana, the perfect partner to enhance your yoga session – Part 2

Back to today, the most common is that yoga practitioners are those who decide to enter the cannabis world. They check how many fans sometimes are too restless to do and enjoy the exercises proposed. His muscles tense and find it impossible to relax in the positions they do.

Thus, cannabis becomes a good ally to relax the body and allow them to enjoy a more pleasant session. As we know, studies and experiences have shown that the plant has medicinal properties the most diverse, and among them is precisely its ability to relieve muscle pain.

Marijuana use has also become popular among practitioners of this discipline, who come to her to reduce her anxiety. Yoga is often recommended for these cases, which also happens to cannabis, whose soothing properties also greatly reduce stress and nervousness.

This is confirmed by yogis who have already tried in the flesh the benefits of the plant. They say it is ideal for all practitioners who are ‘divorced’ from your body. Apparently, it helps them to learn to breathe and open doors that would not open any other way.

And not only the students say: most professionals also recognize the potential benefits of marijuana to practice yoga. These include its consumption can help remove inhibitions, to explore the mind and improve the relationship with our body.

Such is the passion that lifts this unique symbiosis that several yoga schools already offer classes designed especially for people who use marijuana before enrolling. They are especially popular in the United States, which are called ‘Ganja Yoga’. The positions practiced in them are designed for people to complete them without much problem, and to take full advantage of the benefits of the two elements involved.

Obviously, and as with any other excess, smoking too much grass can end up hindering the practice of yoga. In a class, it is essential to be focused and follow the instructions of our teacher. If we had run the risk of not enjoy the experience to the fullest. It is, therefore, to find balance and finding the right dose strain and so we can combine both passions without any of them harmed by the other.

Those most reticent shown indicate that yoga is effective alone, and they were right. But why settle for an effective experience?

If we decide to check the result for ourselves, there are a couple of tips on choosing the strain. Varieties are generally related to reducing anxiety, so become a good choice to start. In addition, opt for strains high in CBD will make our mind calm, and what better than a clear head to enter the world of meditation and yoga.

The more we open our minds, the more we realize that marijuana has much to offer with a simple stone. Gradually the stigmas that have accompanied their consumption over the past decades’ fade. They were medical properties that step and now the good team that makes certain practices was opened first. In yoga you have already realized the advantages that can provide the plant.

Marijuana, the perfect partner to enhance your yoga session – Part 1

To enjoy a moment of relaxation, the paths are different. Go out for a nice walk, put some good music or enjoy a tasty meal. We can also choose to meditate and practice yoga, disciplines that add more and more followers.

Its benefits are strikingly familiar to us: clear the mind, body relaxation, and connection with nature … You probably already have guessed, is quite similar to what you get when we consume marijuana. There are few who have already tried what happens when these two passions intertwine.

No doubt, we congratulations and therefore that marijuana gets its way slowly to all kinds of environments. In the world of yoga, as elsewhere, there are those who continue to show somewhat skeptical and reluctant to acceptance, but also many yogis (name given to people who practice the discipline) receive with open arms.

It occupies combination of intense discussions between the two communities. There is a basic agreement that yoga should serve to find freedom from suffering through the unification of body, mind and spirit. Of course, the means by which point we find this practice varies in practice. While some say that the development of concentration can be impaired by cannabis, there is also who says the opposite and says that marijuana can further explore our body and with less mental and physical barriers.

Despite this disagreement, it seems undeniable that yoga and marijuana have the potential to become teammates; they share a lot of benefits. To realize this need only look at our own history. Yoga is an ancient discipline from India based on the development of spiritual awareness, synonymous connection and oneness with nature. Cannabis, meanwhile, is a plant that many civilizations have used in rituals and ceremonies precisely the same purpose.

How long the drug can stay in the body?

Between 15 days and one month it can last for several days urine and blood.

Influences several factors when providing concrete data, how can it be the type of drug, the amount consumed or metabolism of each person. The truth is that the so – called # drug soft (alcohol and cannabis) can last longer in the body (blood urine or hair) than other hard drugs much more harmful to the body as heroin or methamphetamine.


It will depend on our liver when processing it faster or slower. When there are between 2 and 4 grams of alcohol per liter of blood one falls into coma. Alcohol usually lasts between 10 and 12 hours and up to 90 days blood in her hair.


One of the most consumed drugs in our country and in the rest of the world. The THC can remain longer than 10 days in blood, seven days in urine and 90 in her hair.


The second most consumed drug after cannabis. This stimulant lasts about three or four days in urine, between one and two blood and around 90 days in the hair.


Known among young people as MDMA, this produces synthetic drug similar to cocaine effects, since it is also an increasingly common stimulant drug. You can stay three or four days in the urine, one or two blood and 90 in her hair.


One of the hallucinogenic substances par excellence, but is not particularly addictive. The hallucinogenic effects can last up to 13 hours. In this case, lingers in urine between one and three days, between two and three hours and hair three days.


Another synthetic drug that must be careful because significantly increase our heart rate and our blood pressure. At first it was used for medical purposes, but soon sold illegally. Two or three days in the urine, 12 hours and 90 days in her hair.


Similar to amphetamine, but these effects are greater than those of amphetamine, and therefore brain damage are also higher. For this drug, the average time spent in the urine is three to six days, between one day and a day and a half in three months blood and hair.


It is a drug that is also used in medicine to relax patients. The greatest danger is hosting its high addiction. The urine is approximately two to four days, blood one or two days and the hair 90.


Opiate very own traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Its analgesic effects are quite strong, which is why it is only used with people hospitalized with severe pain. To remove the body morphine, they are required three days in the case of urine, six or eight hours in the blood and 90 in hair.

Cannabis does not cause schizophrenia according to a study by Harvard University

A new study conducted at Harvard University can help rule out concerns about the link between cannabis use and schizophrenia. While many still debate the possibility that cannabis can cause schizophrenia, researchers at Harvard Medical School say that “even lack conclusive evidence that cannabis can cause psychosis”.

Their latest study, published last week in the journal Schizophrenia Research, adds importance to the role of genetic factors in schizophrenia, and claims that cannabis itself not only increases the risk of developing it.

“In summary, we conclude saying that cannabis by itself does not cause psychosis. In genetically susceptible individuals, while cannabis can modify the disease onset, severity and treatment outcome, according to this study there is no evidence that it can be the cause of psychosis.

“The team, led by Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School Dr. Lynn DeLisi, compared the family histories of 108 schizophrenic patients and 171 individuals without schizophrenia to determine whether cannabis use was a factor in the development of the disorder. They found that a family history of schizophrenia increases the risk of developing schizophrenia, regardless of whether or not individual consumption of cannabis.

The authors concluded that “the results of this study suggest that having more family-morbid risk for schizophrenia may be the fundamental basis for the disorder in cannabis and cannabis not in itself”.

Cannabis use is not associated with cognitive impairment in people over 50 years

Researchers have studied the association between illegal drug use and cognitive function in middle adulthood. They have seen that “at the population level, it seems that the current use of illegal drugs is associated with impaired cognitive functioning in early middle age.”

A total of 8,992 participants were interviewed at 42 years old in 1999 and 2000. The authors analyzed data from three cognitive tests when the participants were 50 years old in 2008 and 2009.

Cannabis was by far the most common drug among participants (six percent said they had consumed in the past year), while a quarter said they had never used. Overall, the study found that there was no evidence that current or past drug consumers they had poorer mental function. In fact, when current and past users were analyzed together, the test results tended to be older.

But that advantage was small, the researchers said, and could only reflect another finding: that people who had never used drugs generally had a higher educational level than nonusers. “However, the authors cannot exclude the possibility that some individuals or groups, such as those with a larger or prolonged use, may be harmed,” they write in their article for the American Journal of Epidemiology.

How to avoid a bad trip Cannabis

Given the variety of factors that can influence when living a bad trip, there is little to do to prevent them. However, there is a little recipe that would minimize the chances of checking how this experience.

Everything happens for trying to control the environment the most. Thus, being in a familiar, quiet and surrounded by people confidence that they will not burden you in any case, it is difficult to place the situation gets out of control and that any possible negative experience is only short-term effect. In addition, both enjoy good physical and mental health may be key to avoid yellow, as dizziness or pale skin have much to do with the blood pressure of each.

If our body still responds on occasion with one of those psychedelics to marijuana crisis, there are ways to control the bad trip to avoid greater evils. Both you and those around you can follow a series of recommendations that minimize symptoms.

First of all, the most important thing is to avoid panicking when they reach the first signs that something is wrong. Trying to stay calm is key. Popular culture, accompanied by the personal opinions of users in various internet forums, cause there are a host of assumptions advice ranging from the consumption of sugary products such as Coca-Cola to the use of medications such as aspirin, which allegedly counteract the signs of ‘bad trip’.

However, simply try to be relaxed: breathe easy inhaling air through the mouth and exhaling slowly relax each and every one of our muscles and wait for the bad trip pass and the effects diminish. These should be the main objectives. It can also act as we face a brownout and rarely done in when it comes yellow: raise your legs up. The “sugar crash theory” to explain the causes of a bad trip have buried their real causes and corresponding proceed to attenuate.

To achieve this, nothing better to do, at first, that peace reigns around us. No music or television to make something clear mind. In this way, it will be easier to focus on relaxing your body. Once achieved, we can put music to calm us more or we are familiar, or even a movie that we like.

In addition, we recommend changing environment: if we are in a place inside, go outside helps, and vice versa. It is also useful anything that distracts us from our thoughts at that time. Make it a stretch? Can taking some green tea to relax? Ahead. Maybe a juice? Fantastic, hydration is important to consider minimizing the effect factor. All this, considering that the best you can do is try to chat with who accompany us to take the reins of the conversation and put some serenity at the time.


Canadian Kush, the seed that helps depression, insomnia and pain

Today I want to leave this review seed “Canadian Kusk” bank Medical Seeds, a seed bank dedicated to the production of seeds for therapeutic purposes, rich in THC and CBD with effects that may be beneficial in the therapeutic field.

The Canadian Kush born from the crossing of a Purple Kush from California, with a Special K Canada.

This is a particularly versatile genetics, providing excellent performance both indoors and outdoors.

It also offers ideal results in spaces with limited height because it does not usually grow much. Its leaves are short and wide. a typical Indica trait, and usually buy dark green hues, can show purple hues at the end of flowering. In addition to producing very high performance, Canadian Kush form a dense, compact and snowy by resin buds.

The aroma reminds plant pine and earthy flavor, with hints of grape, it is unmistakable. Organic cultivation is recommended to maximize aroma and flavor.

This Kush with Canadian denomination has a high level of THC and provides a euphoric start. However, the feeling immediately becomes a rather narcosis, causing a medicinal effect can alleviate problems depression, insomnia and pain.